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Our staff has over 14 years in the investigative industry.


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Our licensed Missouri private investigators proudly offer our services throughout Southeastern Missouri. This includes the following counties:

  • Cape County
  • Scott County
  • Bollinger County
  • Jackson County
  • Perry County
  • Stoddard County

About Us

Box Investigating is a trustworthy and professional Missouri Private Investigation agency. Our staff includes skilled investigators with over three decades of experience and investigative excellence. Fully licensed and insured, Box Investigating handles all Missouri investigations in an unbiased manner and with the utmost respect for both the law and your legitimate concerns.

All of our valued clients can rest assured that their private investigation is conducted in the most professional and confidential manner possible. We understand that when hiring a Missouri private investigator, there is only one case that matters to you, yours. You want the truth, and our goal is to deliver the truth in the form of cold, hard facts and ironclad evidence. When you have questions, Box Investigating will find the answers that you deserve.

Our Investigative Methods

Box Investigating prides ourselves on our work ethic and dedication to each and every case that we take on. We use modern technologies and proven effective investigative tactics each day in the field to find the answers our clients deserve. Our access to surveillance tools, online databases, and other resources allows us complete thorough investigations, uncovering results that others cannot.

With over 14 years in the industry, we have the experience and knowledge to provide our clients with the results they seek. If you need a Missouri investigator, you can count on us. Box Investigating will leave no stone unturned.

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Using videography, photography, and general observation we conduct thorough and discreet surveillance to track a subject’s actions and whereabouts. We perform all services within Missouri’s laws to ensure that the evidence gathered can be used for your case.


The idea that your spouse is being unfaithful is unsettling. Allow our investigators to put your mind at ease by uncovering the truth with our research. Our investigations are conducted with complete subtly and confidentiality while handling these sensitive situations.

Child Custody

Whether you need evidence for a divorce or child custody case, our investigators will observe a child’s well-being to determine whether they are in an unsafe environment. These investigations are performed with the utmost urgency and we will document any abuse to ensure that the child is safe.

Insurance Fraud

Whether you need help proving your insurance claim or if you suspect an individual in your company is submitting a fraudulent claim, our team has the resources to provide the truth. We will go through medical or accident reports and interview witnesses to find concrete answers.

Workman's Comp

False workman’s compensation claims are becoming more and more prevalent. Do not let your company lose money on a fraudulent claim. Trust our Missouri investigators to observe the scene of the accident, interview witnesses, and conduct thorough research to uncover any deceit.

Missing Persons

Our team will search for family or friends who have disappeared with no clear answer to the question “Why?”. These cases are extremely time-sensitive so we dedicate our efforts to quickly gathering evidence and conducting interviews in order to locate your loved ones.

Missouri Investigations

Our experienced and dedicated Missouri investigators are available to answer any questions you may have. We know how stressful hiring an investigator can be - let us make it easy for you!

Call us at (573) 979-5467 or fill out our contact form to get your case started. We look forward to hearing from you!

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